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"Tom Clippard Productions brought to life both the intellectual content and the heart of the Church Investment Group’s non-profit work for the Episcopal Church by skillfully weaving together in- person interviews and visually striking images. Tom was creative in the visual footage that he shot and effective in editing the interview footage. His prompt work for us far exceeded our expectations."

          -JoAnn Hanson, President, Church Investment Group

"Being an editor, I've seen my fair share of footage that was uncaringly captured, rushed or lacked inherent thought and heart. Such work does not describe Tom Clippard. His attention to detail, light, interesting framing and his charismatic rapport with those he works with makes Tom not just a solid shooter, but a technically sound DP with a creative eye and a knack for storytelling."

           -Chad Davis, Producer, Northwestern University Weinberg College of Media & Design

"Tom is a consummate professional. He conducted a shoot with our CEO for the CEO's non-profit (on short notice and with limited information about the subject matter) and the CEO walked out saying, 'We need to get him back here to film for Capri's Website.' Can't wait to have him back. The video was beautiful and the process was as smooth as could be. He made me look like a rock star."

           -E. Barnard, Media Relations & Marketing, Capri Investment Group

"Tom Clippard's professionalism is only exceeded by the high quality of his work. He shoots beautifully, is quick on his feet and knows exactly what to get for the editing room. Hire him today!"

          -Robert P. Young, Director

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